Saturday, October 10, 2009


Taper week is not off to a particularly great start. I have a cold that started yesterday with scratchy throat, droopy-feeling eyes, and general achiness and lack of energy. On Thursday, I stayed home with Will because he had an eye infection and possibly a cold. Despite his not feeling well, it was a pretty good day... but I think I know where I got the cold.

Anne, Will, and I originally planned to visit my parents this weekend, but we ended up staying home. Anne seems to have the same cold, and we didn't think traveling would be much fun when no one feels well. Instead, we're spending the day painting the dining room and trying to get some rest.

I plan to do a moderately long run this afternoon and a cyclocross race tomorrow morning. We'll see how the run goes today and if I have energy for the race tomorrow. My main goal at this point is to not have the cold by next Saturday.

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  1. Oh no! Not a cold for the half. Sending healthy thoughts...

    Hang in there; eat soup; rest!