Friday, October 2, 2009

Speed, rest, and tapering...

Over the last few weeks, I've tried to be more careful with fatigue and recovery. Following hard workouts or races, I've either rested for a day or two and focused on stretching and core strength or I've done a really easy recover run at most. I've noticed that my pace during training runs has been faster. I'm hoping my legs are recovering and I'm allowing the earlier speed work to have some effect.

It's time to start thinking about tapering for the big day. As I've mentioned recently, I've deviated from Uncle Hal's half marathon training plan over the last few weeks mostly as a result of cycling. Somewhat surprisingly, Uncle Hal doesn't really include any taper in his half plan until the week just before the event. I plan to taper for a longer period because I'll continue to do some cycling and my goal time is a stretch for me. I plan to do a long run of 10 or 12 miles this weekend followed by a slightly easier week next week. I'll do a shorter "long" run next weekend of around 8 miles followed by a few short runs during the week before the event. The short runs will be more about staying loose and maintaining my sanity than any sort of improvement.

I'll also make every reasonable effort to eat well and get lots of rest during the week before the half. It's all really pretty basic stuff, but it should help. It's great to get that "I'm surprised I feel this good" feeling during the actual event, and it really helps motivation during the run.

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  1. Uncle Hal says hi. But he wouldn't give me an autograph unless I bought his book, which I didn't do. :-(