Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sniffles, and pacing, and tapering! Oh, my!

Taper week continues, and so does my cold. At this point, I have pretty good energy, but I'm still congested and sniffly. I'm not concerned about completing the half, but I am a bit concerned about being able to run at my target pace for 13.1 miles and about needing to blow my nose a lot. I'll probably pack Kleenex along with packets of Gu in my belt for the run.

I did a four-mile easy treadmill run on Monday and a shorter 2.75-mile "almost tempo" run yesterday. That leaves one more short run before the big day, and that one will be mostly for staying loose and maintaining sanity.

As I've done in the past, I've made this week a very-little-caffeine and no-alcohol week. I've been drinking tea instead of coffee and no evening beer or wine. I don't like the elevated heart rate caffeine causes, and it seems to have a bigger effect on my endurance than it does for some people. Also, I've noticed that alcohol makes me feel sluggish the next day. Some of the feeling is probably just a placebo effect... but everything helps, right?

For pacing, I plan to start with the 1:35 pace group and see how it goes. While my original goal was to run the half under 1:30, I'll be pretty happy with a 1:35 if I can do it. The 1-mile splits for a 1:30 on this course look really fast. I think I'd rather try for a 1:35 and be somewhat confident than try for a 1:30 and blow up spectacularly.

So... all that remains is getting rest, running a little, and eating good stuff. Come on, Saturday!

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  1. I hear ya. My wife has a head cold and I'm trying to stay away so I don't get it b/f Sat.

    I'm more worried about the cold start temps. It usually takes me a bit to get warmed up and I don't want to expend a bunch of energy jogging around b/f the gun goes off!

    Get some rest and see you then!