Friday, September 11, 2009

Ouch! Stomach cramps!

I did a four mile pace run yesterday afternoon. I ran about half a mile at an easy pace for warmup and then tried to run four miles at my target half marathon pace of just under 7:00 miles. It was tough and my heart rate was much higher than ideal, but I think I'd have finished the four miles at an under 7:00 pace if it wasn't for abdominal muscle cramps. As it was, I did about 3.6 miles at pace and just couldn't do any more.

I'd noticed a bit of ab cramping on a couple of runs a while ago, but I didn't think too much of it. This, however, was really painful and will be a show-stopper if it happens during an actual event. I do crunches and reverse crunches as part of my core strength routine a couple of times a week, but I think I'll start doing more ab stretching before running also.

In other news, I ran Will to daycare in the Baby Jogger for the first time in a while today. It was a bit chilly outside this morning, so I was happy to see that he still enjoyed it and didn't seem to mind the cooler temperature. Hopefully we can keep it up for a while going into Fall.

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