Sunday, September 20, 2009

I made JV!

Anne and I went to Manhattan for the weekend because our wood floor install reached the staining phase, and we wanted to be out of the house while it happened. I'd planned to stick around KC a bit longer than Anne and Will to do this year's first Series 60 cyclocross race. As the event got closer, however, I became less confident that I was ready to compete. I ended up leaving for Manhattan earlier than I'd planned, and I did the Manhattan Cross Country Festival 5K on Saturday morning instead.

The run was my first experience with cross country, trail running, or pretty much any non-pavement running. I did most of the run just behind a group of three guys who looked like high school or early college cross country runners. They gapped me near the end because they knew the course and how to pace it (and they were probably just faster), but it was really helpful to have a group to follow for most of the run. I finished a few seconds faster than 19:58 (forgot to stop the watch for a few seconds again). I was really happy to break 20 minutes for a non-paved run. I also finished first in my age group and fifth overall.

Later in the day, I looked up typical times for Manhattan High cross country team members on this course
. My 19:55-ish would put me squarely mid-pack in JV on Manhattan High's team! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I think I'll call it good. For a 31-year-old dude, I'm pretty happy with my first ever cross country run.

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  1. Congrats! If you're starting to like trail running, check out this local KC website:

    I ran a few of their 5K races at Wyandotte County Lake Park in June and finished in the top-ten both times. (Not very many entrants).

    I plan on running some of their fall and winter races coming up too...