Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Fought the Law: The Conclusion

So first, yes, I used caps in this post's title. I haven't been doing that because it looks more unassuming when I don't, and I like that. This one just looks much better this way, however.

My Prairie Village municipal court date was today. Not really too much to report here. I fought the law and the law won, I guess. I, along with five or six other cyclists, appeared and talked with the prosecutor. She told each of us that we could enter "not guilty" pleas and go to actual trial. Trials happen on Thursday evenings, and ours would be around one month from now. She said the officers who wrote the tickets would be there and that they would have pictures of cyclists not stopping. How exactly does one take a picture of someone not stopping, anyway? Much like the inevitability of the ticket itself, it sounded like we'd probably lose if we'd try to represent ourselves in court.

The prosecutor also said that we could simply pay the fine and the violation would become a non-moving one that wouldn't be reported to insurance. After all, we were on bikes. I briefly considered requesting a trial, but I ended up paying the fine. I mean, I was technically in the wrong and didn't stop, right? The other guys who talked with the prosecutor did the same thing.

So, it's done. I'm hoping this will help cool things down for cyclists around here. Maybe the PV fuzz can move on to other more important things.

Also, I did this year's last NEET training criterium this evening. No more of these until next spring. This one went well, and I finished nearer the front than I have before. While there's always someone faster, I think I've become a more competitive rider and a generally much better one over the summer. I wore the heart rate monitor for today's ride, but the data for the first half of the ride is completely bogus. The cool air while riding prevented the monitor from finding my heart rate correctly. This is why I usually don't wear an HRM when I ride. At least I can be slightly proud that I didn't start sweating enough for the HRM to work until five or six miles into a really hard ride. Heh.

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