Sunday, September 13, 2009

3/1 run

Uncle Hal called for a 105-minute 3/1 run this weekend. I'd planned to do it early Sunday morning, but I felt good Saturday afternoon after the zoo trip and decided, in the words of Larry the Cable Guy, to git 'er done. The relatively cool temperature and sunny afternoon made for a pleasant long run.

The run went well, and I'm really glad to have finished a longer 3/1 run successfully after the debacle a couple of weeks ago. I did the first 3/4 at a gentle pace and tried to ensure that my heart rate never got too high. I also ended up backing off my goal for the faster ending pace to under 8:00. While the last 1/4 was still hard, it was much more manageable at the slightly slower pace. I finished with a 7:34 average pace for the last portion of the run/

I'm starting to think that my under 7:00 goal pace may be a bit too fast given the amount of cycling I'm doing. I'm not sure where my pace will be at the end of the training plan, but I'm pretty sure it's better to finish the training runs without totally redlining.

I'm enjoying the cycling a lot, and if the slightly slow goal pace allow for both, I'm good with that.

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