Saturday, August 22, 2009

You're never as fast as you think you are.

I did the Scooter's Coffeehouse Ride this morning for the first time in a while. It's a fast but well-organized and safe ride with mostly local cat 4 and 5 racers. During today's ride, I felt good enough to sprint off the front a couple of times. This happens often during the ride, and others in the group usually catch the breakaways after a short time. It's a good way to test speed, and I felt good about my own breakaways.

After the ride, one of the ride's organizers told us that we'd been riding with a former pro who was the last American before Lance Armstrong to race in the Tour of Ireland. I didn't catch the guy's name, but he rode on a team with Lennard Zinn in approximately 1981.
So... yeah. I'm still happy with my breakaways during the ride, but I realized the only reason this guy didn't chase me down immediately is that he didn't want to.

Also, we're working on getting Will into cycling.

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  1. Perhaps he needs to figure out the Velcro first.... :)