Sunday, August 9, 2009

Overland Park Criterium

So I survived both Tour of KC crits. I placed 11th out of 29 in yesterday's KCK race, and I think I placed around 12th out of around 30 today. I can't be completely sure about today's place because the officials only recorded places for the first seven places in this race. I guess that's normal when it's a group finish. As with yesterday's race, I'm pretty sure I finished ahead of more people than behind and I'm happy about that.

I felt better than I thought I might during today's ride. The course was much less hilly which helped a lot. Between yesterday's race and today's, I tried to eat well, get as much rest as possible, and strech often. I don't know how much effect any of that had, but it may have helped a bit.

Also, I ended up talking with someone from Blue River Bicycling Club which is a local team sponsored by Leawood Bicycles. He noticed I was an unattached rider (not part of a team), and he chatted me up. He ended up inviting me to join the team! Pretty cool, but I'm not completely sure I'm ready for that level of commitment to cycling. I'll give it some thought and maybe do a group ride with those guys.

All in all, a successful two days of cycling. Now back to our regularly scheduled half training.

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  1. The Blue River Bicycling Club does have sharp uniforms...