Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick update

I did what should have been an easy recovery run over lunch yesterday. For some reason, I can't seem to run the loop around work at an easy pace. Yesterday wasn't too bad, but I ended up running it harder than I should have.

Today's early morning hill repeats went well. The weather was cool and less humid than it had been in a while. Hard workouts like that are much better in the cool, dark morning than they are in the 95 degree heat over lunch.

Anne's going to Bentonville for work and won't return until later tomorrow. Will and I will hold down the fort on our own. Aside from a likely stretch and strength workout after work today, I'll probably take a break from running until Thursday. I feel a bit beaten up after the weekend's bike races and the last couple of days of running anyway, so the rest should be helpful.


  1. Do you rest in between your hills or just keep going? My clinic instructor had us do 2 sets of 4 last week, and after the 2 min. break, it was definitely harder. Maybe I let myself cool down TOO much? (If that's possible?)

  2. Heh. The password I had to type to post that last comment was "egwross". At first read, I thought it said "ewgross." LOL.

  3. I always find myself pushing it too hard on "easy" days too. I only have one speed! (semi-fast)

  4. I usually use the same hill for hill repeats, so I go up and down it repeatedly. I run up at a fairly hard pace and either walk or jog back down to allow my heart rate to drop to around 120. On the way down, I just try to maintain whatever pace is necessary to allow myself to recover without letting my heart rate get too low. Later in the set of repeats, I'm basically walking and a low heart rate isn't really a problem.

    And yeah... the only way I can maintain an easy pace is to set an alarm on my Forerunner. It's not really a good thing, but I always end up pushing too hard otherwise.