Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oops... I did it again.

Yesterday's Scooter's Ride felt like some sort of record. A couple of guys tried an attack early, a few more (including me) followed and caught them quickly, and we kept the breakaway for the remainder of the ride. Breakaways don't usually stick on this ride, but this one did because our pace was fast.

After yesterday's ride, I planned to do today's Tour de Shawnee at a much easier pace as a recovery ride. The Tour de Shawnee is an annual ride sponsored by the City of Shawnee as a benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and intended to show off Shawnee's bike-friendliness. The ride is not particularly long with only 12 and 26 mile options. As a way of forcing myself to keep the pace slow, I rode my newly purchased cyclocross bike as a shakedown for the bike setup and tune. The bike is in full cyclocross setup with wide, knobby tires and low gears. Not a bike for going fast over long distances on paved roads.

I ended up finding some of the guys from the Scooter's Ride and training crits before today's ride began.
All of the other guys were riding their primary road bikes with narrow road slicks. We joined a few other guys and rolled out together. It was obvious early that the pace would be similar to the Scooter's Rides if not faster. While that definitely wasn't my plan, I wanted to know if I could hang with these guys with the cyclocross bike handicap, and I couldn't just drop back for no reason. Turns out I managed to hang with them. We averaged 20.5 mph over the 25 miles. I was really tired at the end of this one and probably couldn't have gone much longer at that pace, but it was enjoyable to get funny looks from serious road bikers on my not-quite-road bike.

Back to the half training... Uncle Hal called for a 90-minute run this weekend, and the run was one of my reasons for not planning to ride the Tour de Shawnee hard. I did the run this afternoon anyway, and I'm reasonably happy with the result. I was careful with nutrition and hydration during the few hours between the ride and the run, and I took Gu and Gatorade along. I also kept the pace slow and even, and I watched my heart rate closely. While I didn't go blindingly fast, it's nice to know I have a longer run in me after a couple of hard rides. It's also encouraging after last week's concerns about overtraining.


  1. How much extra food must you eat in a day if you bike and run? Are you hungry all the time?? I can only imagine!

  2. How can you not mention the highlight of the day--the Run For Custard? :)