Saturday, August 1, 2009

3/1 Run

I did the training plan's first 90-minute 3/1 run today. What is a 3/1 run, you ask? Described simply, a 3/1 run is a run with first three quarters easy and the last quarter hard. Instead of relaxing and thinking you're probably going to survive at the 3/4 mark, you turn up the pace and run nearly as hard as you can for the last 22:30.

More precisely, today's 3/1 run worked like this: I split the the 90-minute run into 22:30 quarters. I ran the first three quarters, or 67:30, at a typical training pace. For me, that was around a 9:30 per mile pace. Then I ran the last quarter at my target half marathon pace which is just under 7:00 per mile. The fast quarter hurt, but I managed to do it and maintain the pace.

Near the end of the "easy" section, my Forerunner died with "unexpected shutdown" and "stack trace" errors. Not good. I ended up splitting the workout into two parts after power-cycling the Forerunner. That can't continue to happen. If it does, I may find myself shopping for a new Forerunner or something like Nike+ (but too bad it doesn't do heart rate).

Now to get some rest before tomorrow's Cider Mill Century bike ride.


  1. Don't get Nike+. It totally sucks. I only use it as a gauge for distance, but it's not all that accurate (as we discussed) as my pace changes. It's spot-on if I run what I calibrated it to, but since I now run faster, it's off.

    Anyway, How do you pump yourself up to go faster for the last 1/4 of your run? I'm usually so pooped out by then that I go slower for the last little bit, until I can see the end, then I go faster. (The mid-third is always my best - fastest, feel the best).

  2. BestBuy has the Garmin 305 on sale brand-new for $129.99 right now. Not bad for a watch that you know isn't a re-furb. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on that one to replace my Timex HRM only watch...