Monday, August 24, 2009

3/1 run and overtraining

I did last week's 90-minute "3/1" run over lunch today because I didn't have time for it over the weekend. A 3/1 run calls for the first three quarters of the run at a normal training pace followed by the last one quarter at target race pace. In my case, that meant 67:30 at around a 9:30 pace followed by 22:30 at a pace just faster than 7:00.

I got about 10 minutes into the fast portion at the end of the run and realized I just couldn't continue at that pace.
I've done the same run before at the same pace, but today I just didn't have it. My heart rate was way too high. I walked for a couple of minutes to let me heart rate drop, and I alternately jogged and walked the last mile of the run. I ended up with something like an 8:15 pace for the fast section which really isn't horrible given how I felt.

I'm pretty sure the problem is that I'm overtraining. Hal Higdon's half training program includes occasional rest days, but I'm usually riding the bike (hard) on those days rather than actually resting. Uncle Hal would probably have some harsh words for me if he knew I'm doing that. I think I'll need to do a bit less for a while and emphasize quality workouts over quantity. Attempting to be a bike racer while also training for a fairly fast half marathon seems to be slightly too much for me. I've noticed that it's been a while since my legs have felt truly rested and not some amount of fatigued. That's probably not so good.

So... we'll see how this goes. I'm hoping I feel fresher and more rested soon.


  1. Do you ever stop and think that we over-analyze and over-think all of this training? Sometimes I just go out and run w/o my watch and w/o a plan and it all seems to work out alright!

  2. Yeah... I've thought about that occasionally. When I run without the watch, I feel almost naked. It's a nice change to run without the pressure of timing, but it feels strange to not know how fast I'm going or what my heart rate is. I know I'm pretty obsessive about documenting this stuff, and that's probably not so good.