Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recovery day

I ran Will to daycare this morning, and it went relatively well. I didn't have much energy for the first couple of miles, but I felt much better after that and settled into a steady pace. That's the mark of a good recovery run, right?

The woman at Will's daycare, Dee Dee, wanted to take Will from me as soon as I got there this morning. She wouldn't even let me take his jacket off before handing him over. She always seems a bit confused when I run to daycare, and I think she didn't want me to sweat on Will. Heh.

Did the standard core strength training and stretching over lunch today to get it out of the way. Muscles got tired quickly, but it's done and I feel pretty good. It's interesting how lactic acid buildup and fatigue in my legs affect other parts of my body.

1 comment:

  1. You probably smell, and she just wants you out of there as fast as possible. :)