Monday, July 27, 2009

A pretty good day

So I returned from a track weekend at Mid America Motorplex late yesterday evening and was really tired. I'd considered running Will to daycare this morning in the Baby Jogger both because I hadn't seen him much for a couple of days and because it's an easy way to get a four mile run. I was a bit too tired to actually do it this morning, however. I ended up feeding Will, getting ready for work, and driving Will to daycare with the noisy brakes and loud tires still on the car. Hopefully people at daycare thought I couldn't afford car maintenance because I'm trying to pay for daycare.

I plan to do the NEET Training Criterium tomorrow after work, so I did tomorrow's harder scheduled hill repeat run today. I changed at 24 Hour Fitness, ran to Antioch, ran up and down a big hill six times, and ran back to 24 Hour Fitness to shower. Happily, that leaves the easy three mile run for tomorrow.

Normally today's late afternoon strength and stretch training would be stretching and some low-weight, high-rep work with free weights, but today it will be car part swapping from the track weekend instead. Similar workout, I suppose.

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